Dragon Nest [INA]


Rp 16.000 / 1k
Vestinel Rp 16.000 / 1k
Sentinel Rp 16.000 / 1k Ready
Void Rp 17.000 / 1k Ready


GEMSCOOL-V10 1.000 G-Cash Rp 9.500 READY
GEMSCOOL-V20 2.000 G-Cash
Rp. 19.000 READY
GEMSCOOL-V30 3.000 G-Cash
Rp. 28.500 READY
GEMSCOOL-V50 5.000 G-Cash
Rp. 47.500 READY
GEMSCOOL-V100 10.000 G-Cash
Rp. 95.000 READY
GEMSCOOL-V200 20.000 G-Cash
Rp. 190.000 READY
GEMSCOOL-V300 30.000 G-Cash
Rp. 285.000 READY

Game Info

Official Website: http://dn.gemscool.com/index.php

Publisher: Gemscool

Dragon Nest is a fantasy MMORPG with an emphasis on skill-based fighting and combos. Originally released in 2010 to the Korean market, Gemscool brings Dragon Nest to the Indonesian market year 2012. Dragon Nest lets you play one of four classes, each with their set of two sub-classes, as you quest your way through colorful anime-inspired environments. It will undoubtedly appeal to those who enjoy a more fast paced, less repetitive fighting system. Players will enjoy how differently each class plays from one another, along with the crazy powerful effects as enemies get lit on fire, fried by electricity or just blown away by the characters many abilities.

Game Guide

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